Repairs & Servicing

All the servicing and repairs we do are carried out in our own fully equipped workshop. In fact that's how we started many years ago and there is not much we can't fix or repair.


As a general rule of thumb it is advisable to get woodwind instruments serviced and regulated at least once a year. If you do a lot of playing you may find that your instrument will require servicing more often.

Instruments may be taken into either of our branches, Windstruments in Crossflatts or Music House in Harrogate, and are normally ready for collection 7 days later. If you require your instrument back sooner please ring and ask for the repairs department on 01274 510050 and they will advise you if this is possible. Do remember that most servicing requires that the instrument to be left over night so that it can 'settle' and any minor adjustments necessary can be made to ensure that it is working to it's optimum.

We are approved by Verne Q. Powell Flutes Inc. as one of the few international servicing centres for all their range of flutes and piccolos.


Instruments in need of repair can again be taken into either of our branches, and are normally ready for collection 7 days later, depending on the severity of the damage. We will keep in contact with you if there are going to be any problems (some parts do need to be ordered in specially). If you have got an instrument emergency, this can be often done on the spot for you if you take it to our Crossflatts branch. PLEASE RING FIRST so that we know you are coming and can get some idea of the problem before you arrive.

All instruments are play checked after they have been repaired or serviced by a professional before they are returned to the customer.