13.30 Sunday 18th August - Approximately 21.30 (end of final concert) Thursday 22nd August 2019



The Harrogate Saxophone Summer School is a stimulating programme for all levels of saxophone players from grade 4/5 standard through to professional led by course director Rob Buckland. The course consists of a combination of classes, ensembles, performance workshops plus the option to take individual lessons/advice auditions from some of the internationally renowned tutors.

The aims of the programme are to give participants greater awareness of their abilities, confidence in their saxophone playing and experience in music making. A friendly and relaxed atmosphere is created to encourage all those attending, with an emphasis on participation. Those wishing to play/perform will be asked to prepare appropriate set pieces for classes, and chamber works for coaching in ensemble playing.

HLCThe beautiful and historic spa town of Harrogate, with its parks and gardens, castles and abbeys and closeness to the breathtaking scenery of the Yorkshire Dales, is an ideal venue for the course; relaxing, invigorating and inspiring.

We accept that many course members have a great distance to travel. Although we cannot offer accommodation on the Saturday night preceding the course, rooms can be available for the Thursday night at the end of the course (over 18s only). Harrogate has many hotels and B & B’s and we will be only too happy to help with any arrangements should you wish to arrive on the Saturday preceding the course.



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